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  1. Pinart

    Pinart enables you to create a three dimensional impression by pressing a body part or object on the bed of pins, providing endless entertainment and amusement! Learn More
  2. Whistling Key Finder Keyring

    Out of stock

    Never lose your keys again! Ever mislaid your keys? We know how frustrating and time consuming lost keys can be, but with our compact and stylish keyfinder you will never lose them again. At the sound of a whistle the Keyfinder makes a beep sound and a red light flashes, which means you can even find them in the dark!

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  3. Mini Voice Changer

    Out of stock

    Mini voice changer with four different voice changing effects including Boy, Kid. old man and Robot. Batteries provided free courtesy of us! Only with online purchase. Learn More
  4. Melting Clock

    Make your home into a seriously cool pad with the Melting Clock. It looks great on a fireplace mantle, it looks fantastic on a shelf, and it looks seriously cool just sitting on a sideboard. In fact, the melting Clock will be a talking point wherever you decide to put it!

    Battery Provided free courtesy of us!

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  5. Plasma Ball

    Regular Price: €29.95

    Special Price €24.95

    Retro Plasma Ball! Place your fingers on the glass and watch as bolts of glowing light follow your every move. Learn More
  6. Magic Snow

    Now you can have snow all day every day! Sprinkle Magik Snow on trees, decorations and even outside for a realistic snow scene!

    After a few days as the water evaporates, simply spray the snow with water and it will expand and become fluffy again. After it completely dries out, you can save the powder and use it again!

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  7. Golf Ball Glasses

    Regular Price: €13.99

    Special Price €11.99

    Save hours looking for your wayward golf balls with these specially tinted glasses. Aside from looking about as hip as you can get (well kind off), these glasses actually serve a very useful purpose!

    You've finally made time for a round of golf...... but your balls keep disappearing off-piste and your stocks are running low. Don the glasses and let the special blue lenses work to illuminate everything white - including those errant long-shots. Not even the sneakiest golf balls will be able to hide away in the grass!

    Save enough time and money by retrieving all your lost balls to go another 18 holes or a round in the 19th!

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  8. Boom Box

    Place your phone or device onto the speaker and the sound will instantly amplify. No wires or pairing needed!

    This wireless speaker is perfect for outdoor entertaining or as a travel speaker with the built in rechargeable battery lasting 10 hours per charge!

    New technology allows the speaker to interact with the speaker on your device so that the sound is instantly magnified, and because there are no cords or connections, the Boom Box is compatible with any device which has an external speaker. You'll be amazed at the sound boost you get just from touching your phone to the speaker!

    A USB charging cable and 3.5mm jack port is included (in case you'd like to use it with an mp3 player or iPod - 3.5mm jack cable not included).

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  9. Desktop LED Fan

    Out of stock

    We love the LED Clock Fan, it keeps us cool and looks cool.

    The USB operated LED clock fan is the perfect accesory for your desk at work or at home. A high quality metal structure with 360 degrees rotation, the bright LED tells you the time while the fan keeps you cool.

    Easy to setup, plug it in, set the time and away you go.

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  10. Retro TV Games

    Plug and play your way back to the future with the Retro TV Games Controller.

    This handheld controller looks and feels like the gaming controllers we adored in the 80s, yet plugs straight into your modern TV for a gaming experience we could only dream of back then. Compact and ultra-portable, this retro controller is perfect for the whole family. You will get lost in endless hours of action and fun, playing a range of shooting, arcade, puzzle and sports based games.

    Plug the Retro TV Games Controller into your television and get your fingers at the ready with its integrated mini joystick and A, B buttons. Once plugged in you’re all set for a nostalgic gaming session with the 200 strong, on-board retro gaming library.

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