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  1. Drinking Roulette Game

    Gamble away your soberness with the nerve jangling roulette wheel! Fill up the shot glasses with your chosen drink and let the games commence! Black or red, this will surely go to your head! Learn More
  2. Abusive Ballooons

    Balloons. What's the use?

    On the one hand they're synonymous with the good times – playfully batted around a dance floor, flanking a table of extravagant hors d'oeuvres or taped to the garden gate to symbolise there's a "party over here!"

    On the other they're a depressing reminder of your wretched old age, colourful orbs telling you that you should definitely be having more fun than you are; getting in your face as you try to clear up a pile of last night's alcohol-drenched debris.

    Unless you're a 3 year old (and even then), balloons do not make a party – they're the inflatable illusion of fun. So why not celebrate honesty and undermine the big occasion with these thoroughly Abusive Balloons.

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  3. Unicorn Mask

    Cute or scary?! This realistic, moving mouth Unicorn mask will definitely attract people’s attention. It’s perfect for fancy dress parties or for just giving your friends a good old scare.

    Just assemble the removable horn and talk as normal. The mask has mesh eyes for clear visibility and a cushioned chin brace which allows the mouth to move as you speak.

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  4. Who Am I?

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    Who Am I Face Mats is a classic parlour style game brought bang up to date for modern families, and is guaranteed to provide great entertainment for everyone involved. A collection of character face mats that clip onto players' noses, Who Am I is a dressing up guessing game that gets you thinking, guessing, and above all laughing while your friends or family try to work out who or what they are by asking simple yes/no questions.

    The box contains 30 different face mats, which are shuffled and spread face down at the beginning of the game. Each player attaches a mat to their face (without seeing the image on the reverse) and then has to work out what image is on their face mat by asking a series of questions, the answers to which can only be 'yes' or 'no'. After each question, the player can attempt to guess what person, animal, or item they might be, with the winner being the first to correctly identify 4 different face mats. So are you a vampire, a zebra, or just eating cookies? Ask the right questions to find out!

    Easy to pick up and play, this is a great fun, simple to learn game suitable for 2-6 players. 

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  5. Play That Tune

    A hilarious musical guessing game that will test a player's knowledge of catchy tunes as well as their ability to play the kazoo!

    Each game has 50 cards with 150 tunes, 4 kazoos, 40 score counters and full instructions. 

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  6. Beer Pong

    Featuring 12 plastic cups and two plastic balls, the aim of Beer Pong is to fill the plastic cups with a variety of intoxicating beverages and then attempt to bounce the balls into them. Once a successful attempt has been made, the contents of the cup must be consumed! Learn More
  7. Drinking Hat

    The best way for a man or woman to multi task! The drinking helmet not only gives you a hands free way of drinking, but it also allows you to drink 2 cans or bottles at exactly the same time! Weather your tipple is a beer or of the soft variety, the drinking helmet does the job! Learn More
  8. Thirst Extinguisher

    To quench your thirst just squirt! Holds 1.5 litres of your favourite drink. A ‘must have’ for any budding barman!

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  9. Beer Bong

    Lightweights beware - NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!

    Do you have the stamina to cope with the ''''Down in One'''' Beer Bong? ''''Down in One'''' is a drinking game unlike any other. 

    Listen carefully to the following instructions:

    1. Open the bottle of your beverage of choice 
    2. Place the small hose in the bottle neck. Fix the bong over the top of the bottle, ensuring that there is no room for leakage. 
    3. Place your finger firmly over the small hole on the hose and lower the tube carefully into your mouth. 
    4. Raise the bottle and when you’re ready tilt it toward you...and be prepared for what’s about to happen! 

    Now all that’s left to do is remain standing up. Good luck, Champ.


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  10. Cards Against Humanity

    Ages: 17+

    Time to Play: 30-90 Minutes

    Players: 4 to 20+

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