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Customer Testimonials

I bought two Half Pint glasses from your online store, one for me and one for my mum as a present, she was thrilled as I with mine. All my friends want them now and I have reccomended your shop to them.



Hi folks, I ordered two magic snooker balls last Wednesday and they arrived in our office on Friday morning. I just wanted to say I am very pleased with the service and especially so as you included a free gift with my order. Thank you very much.


Michael Connolly 


I have been meaning to email all week-sorry for the delay. I recently received an order on behalf of my 10yr old son for a plasma ball,shock pen & glasses.I had sent & paid for my order and had enclosed a wee note asking if you could add a couple of squirty camera's as we had bought some the week before in your shop but couldn't find them on the website.I didn't expect to receive them as I'd assumed online orders came from a seperate warehouse. Lo and behold the camera's were in the order-two v excited kids-amazing how these were such a hit still as I remember having them in my youth (a long long time ago-lol)...As i had already paid I expected you to just add another charge but I don't think you did ( I didn't check my account yet).If you didn't may I say thank you very much-it was really an unexpected treat & I am very touched at the kindness.Either way we were really impressed by your customer service & I felt I should write & tell you.We will call in and pay for them the next time I am in the city centre regardless.
I would also like to say that whilst we were in your shop a few weeks ago we got excellant customer service by a girl there.I had 3 kids excitedly looking around picking things up.Whilst I know my kids are careful & would value proper behaviour in a shop,the shop assistant wouldn't but at no point did she make us feel anything but valued customers despite me telling the kids to 'not touch things & behave' many times.It was also nearly closing time but she never made us feel anything but welcome & unrushed.Congratulations on this customer service.We will be shopping with you & recommending your shop many times in the future.


 Joanne Parkinson