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Kitchen Accessories

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  1. Bogey Man Egg Separator


    The Bogey Man Egg Separator is a hilarious but very useful kitchen tool!

    Bring some humour in to your cooking with this gadget

    Break an egg into his head and gently tip the Bogey Man to see the whites run out of his reddened snotty nose!

    Great gift albeit a little disgusting!  Fun way to get the kids involved in the kitchen!

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  2. Lazy Arm

    Here to give you a helping hand, this funky and functionally designed flexible Smartphone holder can be clipped onto most surfaces. Perfect for watching films, listening to music and making hands free calls, The Lazy Arm is compatible with most Smartphones.

    To use, clip onto desired surface, attach your Smartphone and enjoy the comforts of The Lazy Arm!

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    Don’t just keep your whiskey in it’s bottle, give it a new home with this high-quality wooden whiskey barrel. It has a tap for pouring, and is great for putting on display. Holds up to 800 ml of whiskey. Learn More
  4. Rolled Ice Cream Maker

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    Simply pre-freeze the maker’s surface in your freezer, pour your ice-cream mix onto it, let it set, roll it

    • 1 x ice cream maker
    • 1 x scoop
    • 1 x straw
    • 1 x scraper
    • 1 x Instructions
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  5. Armchair Caddy

    When you want to enhance your living room relaxation experience, this is the perfect tool to make that happen.

    Designed to accommodate a variety of potential uses of the armrest of a sofa or armchair, the Armchair Caddy is the ideal accessory for the dedicated couch potato. It’s designed to fit on the armrest of a wide variety of armchairs, as well as sofas, making it perfect for your living room experience no matter where you’ve been seat-warming.

    The Caddy itself has a flat surface compartment on top, perfect for holding cups, phones and a host of other stuff, with a neat wall around it to prevent you accidentally knocking anything over. It also has two side pouches, perfect for holding books, remote controls and more.

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