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  1. Boom Box

    Place your phone or device onto the speaker and the sound will instantly amplify. No wires or pairing needed!

    This wireless speaker is perfect for outdoor entertaining or as a travel speaker with the built in rechargeable battery lasting 10 hours per charge!

    New technology allows the speaker to interact with the speaker on your device so that the sound is instantly magnified, and because there are no cords or connections, the Boom Box is compatible with any device which has an external speaker. You'll be amazed at the sound boost you get just from touching your phone to the speaker!

    A USB charging cable and 3.5mm jack port is included (in case you'd like to use it with an mp3 player or iPod - 3.5mm jack cable not included).

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  2. Smartphone Cover

    Regular Price: €12.95

    Special Price €5.00

    Sometimes it’s a shame to ruin your outfit by shoving a scruffy phone in your pocket but we’ve (literally) got it covered!

    Smart Phone is a dashing suit to dress your smart phone up in. Smart Phone is made from Neoprene so it stretches to fit any phone and is shock resistant.

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  3. Undercover Phone Sleeve

    Regular Price: €10.00

    Special Price €6.00

    This Phone cover is not only shockproof, splash proof, and tear proof! It’s also the best theft thwarting device ever! It’s the ideal size to keep your mp3 player, keys, camera and bank card in but the joy of it is it just looks like a scruffy old envelope.You and I know otherwise though! Undercover Phone Sleeve looks like a battered old envelope on the outside but on the inside… it’s a different story! It looks positively handsome with a classy red satin finish.

    Undercover Phone Sleeve has a thick PE foam construction and tough outer layer made of tyvek which means it’s amazingly durable. In fact, tyvek boasts at being almost indestructible so your precious tablet sleeve is well and truly protected from the big, bad world.

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  4. Grippy

    Stick practically any gadget or loose item to this sticky mat - perfect for use in the car! Are you sick of seeing your gadgets, lighters, sunglasses, etc, flying off the dashboard of your car as you turn a corner? Grippy sticks almost anything and leaves NO sticky residue. Safely attach coins, parking tickets, lipstick, phones, mp3 players and more to the pad.

    The anti-slip mat ensures that everything is kept in place - and when you are ready to remove the item, simply pull it off gently. There is no sticky residue or damage to your gadget. Handily, the mat can be washed with warm, soapy water whenever it starts to lose its 'stick'. It is not only water resistant, but also heat resistant - so even the hottest sunbeams beating through your windscreen won't damage it.

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  5. Lazy Arm

    Here to give you a helping hand, this funky and functionally designed flexible Smartphone holder can be clipped onto most surfaces. Perfect for watching films, listening to music and making hands free calls, The Lazy Arm is compatible with most Smartphones.

    To use, clip onto desired surface, attach your Smartphone and enjoy the comforts of The Lazy Arm!

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  6. Swipe-Vlogging Light with Phone Holder

    Includes flexible smartphone holder, that can be clipped onto most surfaces and USB powered LED light with 3 light settings.Easily clamps onto most flat surfaces making it perfect for recording Vlogs, streaming content or making hands free video calls.

    • Flexible smartphone holder with LED light
    • Compatible with most smartphones
    • 3 light settings: Cool light, Warm light and Warm yellow
    • Adjustable brightness
    • Easy to mount on most surfaces


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  7. Smartphone Selfie Ring Light

    When you take selfies you don't wanna be re-arranging the room and walking back and forth from the lightest corner of the house - you want to take as many fabulously lit selfies as possible, so we can choose the perfect one.

    • Clips onto virtually any smartphone.
    • Includes 36 LEDs and 3 brightness settings
    • #nofilter amiright!?
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