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  1. RC Stunt Monster

    The remote control stunt monster - so much more than an RC car Learn More
  2. SYMA W1 Drone With Camera And Gprs

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    Next generation Syma camera drone with advanced GPS and follow technology. The W1 can stream footage direct to a smartphone at 2MP and 720P for an FPV drone experience, or record footage directly to an SD card at 5MP and 1080P. This high quality of image capture allows the user to enjoy the best of both worlds when weighing up the advantages of FPV streaming versus real-time recording.

    The combination of onboard GPS and optical flow positioning makes this drone simple to operate and stable in the air, allowing you to focus on quality pictures rather than flying. These features really come into their own when utilised with the auto-follow mode, in which the drone will automatically follow the pilot, as well as the point of interest mode, in which the drone will circle a designated subject. The W1 also features gesture control, making it perfect for selfies and capturing videos. And finally, there is a one-key return to home mode that allows the drone to automatically land in the same spot from which it took flight.

    These features are combined with the high quality features that you would normally expect from a Syma product including a headless flight mode and altitude hold.

    • Pro-level Syma FPV camera drone
    • Records HD footage at 5MP and 1080P
    • Streams HD footage at 2MP and 720P to your smartphone
    • Utilises GPS and optical flow positioning technology
    • Simple to fly and operate
    • Can be set to follow user or automatically circle a point of interest
    • Gesture controls for video and photography (perfect for selfies)
    • Return to home command button
    • Headless flight mode
    • WiFi app control
    • Includes rechargeable battery and USB charging cable
    • 29.5cm
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  3. Syma X5UW FPV Camera Drone

    Out of stock

    4-channel FPV drone equipped with a 720P streaming camera and a raft of flight features. Record videos and take pictures at the press of a button, all of which are sent live to your smartphone thanks to the Syma Go app. Just install it on your phone, slide your screen into the controller cradle, and you're ready to see what your drone sees in real time. New features include a barometer set hover mode, meaning pilots no longer have to keep their thumb on the stick to keep the drone at a set height. Just fly to the height you want to maintain and release the stick to make the drone stay at that height, allowing the pilot to focus on flying and taking pictures. The X5UW also features a one button auto take-off and landing mode function that allows greater control at the beginning and end of flight. These are accompanied by the usual high quality Syma staples including headless flight, 2.4G and the latest in gyro-stabilisation technology.

    • Syma 720P camera drone
    • Records HD video and images
    • Streams live feed to your smartphone
    • Uses free Syma Go app
    • Barometer set hover mode
    • Auto take-off and landing
    • Operates on 2.4G frequency
    • Latest in gyro-stabilisation technology
    • 4GB SD card and USB card reader included
    • Control range 70m
    • Rechargeable battery with USB charging cable 
    • Drone 32cm
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  4. Wall Climbing Super Car - Blue

    Regular Price: €29.99

    Special Price €24.99

    This car uses vacuum suction to stick to vertical surfaces and even drive upside down along the ceiling, letting you take your radio-controlled motoring to places you never thought possible! And, if you ever feel like driving on the floor again, just switch the car to ‘Ground’ mode to turn off the suction

     This fantastic car can charge right from the infrared remote control, using its 2 x AAA batteries. Or, if you want to save the controller’s batteries, you can plug it into any USB port using the included cable. And, if you want to race across the walls with your friends’ wall climbing cars, you can take advantage of the tri-band technology and all use different remote channels, so your signals won’t get jumbled up.

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  5. James the Bot - Remote Controlled Robot

    Regular Price: €49.99

    Special Price €44.99

    With 50 programmable movements and 20 functions, this functional robot is ready to help you steal the last biscuit. Plus, it has a voice modifier and clap control, making it super easy to control. Oh, and you can use spy mode to record and reproduce conversations. Recharge the robot using the included USB cable and just insert 2 x AA batteries (not included) into the remote. Then, spy away! Learn More
  6. Remote Control Transforming Stunt Car

    Regular Price: €68.00

    Special Price €58.00

    • 4 wheel drive 
    • 360 drifts
    • Stunt rolls 4
    • GHz signal frequency
    • Up the wall flips
    • Drive both sides
    • High grip tyres
    • One key transformation
    • Requires 2 x AA batteries for the controller
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