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  1. Remote Control High Speed Racer 1:24 Scale - Blue

    Made in 1:24 scale, this radio controlled car does lightning speeds. It has a 2.4GHz controller and a full range of motion, letting it go forwards, backwards, left, and right. Also, it hugs corners with its high-grip tyres.

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  2. Syma X5UW FPV Camera Drone

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    4-channel FPV drone equipped with a 720P streaming camera and a raft of flight features. Record videos and take pictures at the press of a button, all of which are sent live to your smartphone thanks to the Syma Go app. Just install it on your phone, slide your screen into the controller cradle, and you're ready to see what your drone sees in real time. New features include a barometer set hover mode, meaning pilots no longer have to keep their thumb on the stick to keep the drone at a set height. Just fly to the height you want to maintain and release the stick to make the drone stay at that height, allowing the pilot to focus on flying and taking pictures. The X5UW also features a one button auto take-off and landing mode function that allows greater control at the beginning and end of flight. These are accompanied by the usual high quality Syma staples including headless flight, 2.4G and the latest in gyro-stabilisation technology.

    • Syma 720P camera drone
    • Records HD video and images
    • Streams live feed to your smartphone
    • Uses free Syma Go app
    • Barometer set hover mode
    • Auto take-off and landing
    • Operates on 2.4G frequency
    • Latest in gyro-stabilisation technology
    • 4GB SD card and USB card reader included
    • Control range 70m
    • Rechargeable battery with USB charging cable 
    • Drone 32cm
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  3. Bluetooth BoomBox Speak

    Pump up the volume and get your Friday night started. Boasting 3W of powerful sound, this portable and lightweight speaker enables you to wirelessly listen to your favourite tracks, wherever you are. It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor entertaining with the built in rechargeable battery lasting a whopping 6 hours per charge. Compatible with most smartphones and Bluetooth audio devices. M Learn More
  4. Original Drinking Bird

    The infamous drinking bird has been popular amongst adults and children for many decades.

    The Drinking Bird works using properties of thermodynamics, converting thermal energy into mechanical energy. How does it work? First dunk your bird's head in his drinking glass. The bird's wet head cools from evaporation - that condenses with the liquid vapours in the head creating a partial vacuum. The liquid in the body is warmer hence at higher pressure and rises up the tube to fill the lower pressure head. When it tilts forward it lets the liquid drain back and the cycle repeats. The process continues indefinitely. No batteries required.

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  5. Magnetic Timer

    Create unique sculptures using this magnetic hour glass.

    Place it onto the copper coloured base stand and watch the iron filings fall from one end of the hour glass to the other. The base also contains a magnet so that as the filings drop they become magnetised, standing on end to create totally unique and beautiful sculptures each time the hour glass is turned.

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  6. Toilet Bowl Light

    • Brighten your toilet bowl so you won’t miss the mark in the dark!
    • Lights up your toilet with a bright LED light
    • Light changes between 6 rainbow colours
    • Have it stay one colour or cycle through them all
    • Fits most toilet bowls with a simple clip design
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  7. Swipe-Vlogging Light with Phone Holder

    Includes flexible smartphone holder, that can be clipped onto most surfaces and USB powered LED light with 3 light settings.Easily clamps onto most flat surfaces making it perfect for recording Vlogs, streaming content or making hands free video calls.

    • Flexible smartphone holder with LED light
    • Compatible with most smartphones
    • 3 light settings: Cool light, Warm light and Warm yellow
    • Adjustable brightness
    • Easy to mount on most surfaces


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  8. Smartphone Selfie Ring Light

    When you take selfies you don't wanna be re-arranging the room and walking back and forth from the lightest corner of the house - you want to take as many fabulously lit selfies as possible, so we can choose the perfect one.

    • Clips onto virtually any smartphone.
    • Includes 36 LEDs and 3 brightness settings
    • #nofilter amiright!?
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  9. Grooming Kit with Trimmer

    With an incredible collection of tools - from a nose hair trimmer to nail and toenail clippers to a fold-away lint brush - you’ll be able to keep yourself trimmed, cleaned, tweezered, shaved and generally in tip-top grooming condition. What’s more, with its handy portable design, you can take this grooming kit just about anywhere for maximum versatility.

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  10. Wall Climbing Super Car - Blue

    This car uses vacuum suction to stick to vertical surfaces and even drive upside down along the ceiling, letting you take your radio-controlled motoring to places you never thought possible! And, if you ever feel like driving on the floor again, just switch the car to ‘Ground’ mode to turn off the suction

     This fantastic car can charge right from the infrared remote control, using its 2 x AAA batteries. Or, if you want to save the controller’s batteries, you can plug it into any USB port using the included cable. And, if you want to race across the walls with your friends’ wall climbing cars, you can take advantage of the tri-band technology and all use different remote channels, so your signals won’t get jumbled up.

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