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  1. Arse/Face Soap

    Give everyone a laugh in the shower with this hilarious Arse/Face Soap

    Lets just hope that there are no jokers in the family....!

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  2. Wood Works Bead Coaster

    Great educational toy! Helps kids to develop:

    • hand eye coordination
    • numbers
    • shape and colour differentiation
    • fine motor skills
    • problem solving

    Made from natural wood and metal

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  3. Gear Ball

    Hold the ball with both hands and twist in opposite directions. As the gear moves, the colours change on each face as well as the black frame. Solve the puzzle by framing 6 sides, each with a solid colours. Sounds simple hey?!! Learn More
  4. Mood Bears - CALM BEAR

    Children often feel the same emotions as adults, but in a different way. They don’t always have words for how they feel or know how to express this or show it. For many adults this is the same and Mood Bears have been created to help support this!

    Each bear has been created to express one of the five recognised feelings or states to help encourage us all to talk, listen and understand our feelings, thoughts and moods.

    Calm Bear will be there with you when stress and worry come your way. His calm green fur is soothing and he is very soft to cuddle. Share your worries with calm bear and he will take them all away. Show everyone that you are feeling calm and you’ll never be alone with your calm bear

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  5. Fisher Price Octonauts GUP-M & Kwazii

    • Press the button to launch the mud-dart!
    • Vehicle features storage for the second mud-dart
    • Creature carrier can snap onto the side of vehicle
    • Includes Kwazii and his helmet and a capybara to rescue
    • 2 mud darts included
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  6. Lava Lamp 14.5"

    Watch the mesmerizing motion of different sized wax blobs as they collide, split apart and ooze their way up and around the glass globe of this peaceful LAVA® lamp. A hand-spun base and cap make this lamp truly unique. Enjoy the relaxing motion of this classic version of the timeless LAVA® lamp. Learn More
  7. NASA 1000 piece Blue Jigsaw Puzzle

    1000-piece NASA Jigsaw featuring imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope

    Three NASA puzzles to collect and complete!


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  8. Galileo Thermometer

    Made from glass and filled with liquid, this thermometer tells the temperature based on the way liquid’s density changes when it gets hotter or colder. The globes inside the thermometer rise and fall with the temperature, and the brass tag on the lowest floating globe tells you the right temperature! They can read between 18 and 26 degrees Celsius. Learn More
  9. Marvin's Amazing Magic 225 Tricks - Deluxe Edition

    Regular Price: €24.99

    Special Price €21.25

    This is the ultimate magic set to inspire and entertain young magicians. The box has enough tricks and props for hours of fun, allowing budding illusionists to learn and wide range of magic skills that will astonish friends and family. The box features all of Marvin’s most ingenious props including Marvin’s Mystical Magic Cards, Mind Reading Canisters, Magic Theatre, magic wand and more. Follow the step by step instructions in the booklet provided or download the Marvin’s Magic App for exclusive videos on many of these tricks and more. Learn More
  10. Toilet Bowl Light

    • Brighten your toilet bowl so you won’t miss the mark in the dark!
    • Lights up your toilet with a bright LED light
    • Light changes between 6 rainbow colours
    • Have it stay one colour or cycle through them all
    • Fits most toilet bowls with a simple clip design
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